Oluwatobi Akinbo

Country of origin: Nigeria

Product Manager, Seamfix Nigeria Limited

Prior to studying at Lancaster University, I worked as a front-end web developer for different organisations within the IT industry in Nigeria. I wanted to transition from a majorly technical role to more a management/consulting-related role in the near future.

I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School because of its high ranking for management-related courses, which has improved again this year. I also chose it because of the MSc ITMOC, a course that fits perfectly into my long-term career plans, as I specifically wanted a management course with a high focus on information technology to facilitate a rounded experience. Fortunately, I received a full scholarship from National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in Nigeria.

My stay in Lancaster was highly satisfying. The class was multicultural, learning alongside each other and working in groups provided a unique international experience.

From the modules, I learnt a lot about managing IT in organisations, strategy, consulting, the overall digital landscape, analysis/design and project management. The course has also intensely improved my ability in independent thinking, research and reflection, which are transferable to every area in life. The never-ending seminars and workshop with people from the industry facilitated a lot of networking and also helped shed light on the practicality of the course.

The dissertation period was quite challenging but extremely rewarding. I chose to do “A Scientometric Analysis of the Gamification Research Area” because of my interest in gamification (the use of game design element in non-game context). It involved using the most influential articles available to analyse the research area and providing academic/practical insights for advancement. I learnt the importance of starting to plan your dissertation early in the program and having a reflective support group. This work received the Best Dissertation Award and continues to be one of my proudest achievements.

Apart from the academic life, I participated in the The Lancaster Award, which proved to be a unique opportunity as it helped me volunteer and get out of my comfort zone. It also helped me develop habits and skills that have improved my employability. Coupled with help from the Career Service, I have been ready for every stage of the job application process.

I am presently interviewing for several roles while working as a freelance user experience designer/front-end developer. Knowledge gained during the programme has indeed been beneficial and helps me stand out. In the next three years, I hope to be a digital consultant in a leading organisation.