Consulting project

The Organisational Diagnosis and Consulting project is where you can put to real practical use the skills in consultancy, research and project management that you have been building during Term 1. 

The project will also draw on the previous work experience of group members.

The project module runs over eight weeks in Term 2 and you work in teams of six-eight students, with support from a tutor. Clients for the project typically come from both the private and public sector, and may include large and small organisations.


In the initial four weeks you undergo an intensive training in consultancy techniques and skills which will deepen your understanding of the nature of consultancy and what it means to be a consultant, whether internal or external. In addition to the academic input you will be given very practical advice by practitioners from consultancy organisations on how to manage a consultancy intervention, in particular how to manage the client relationship.

The project process

In the second four weeks, you move into the client project process. You work to a brief supplied by your client on an HR-related area they have identified as important for their organisation. Your task as a team is to provide a more detailed diagnosis of the issue, collect and analyse relevant data, and come up with sound and implementable recommendations as to what needs to be done.

You are supported throughout this process by your tutor as needed, but managing the client relationship is the responsibility of the student group.