Georgios Kapnisis

Country of origin: Greece

HR specialist, Co-Cola Hellenic

The year 2006-2007 was a unique experience that marked my life for ever. I had previously gained a degree in Management Science and Information Technology, and human resources was a special field which interested me – and made me want to obtain a degree at Masters level.

The next stage was the decision of which university would be the best to fulfil my expectations. Two months of thorough research led me to the MA in Human Resources and Consulting at Lancaster University's highly ranked Management School.

The decision wasn’t an easy one since this MA is not a general HR Masters course but a specialisation of one aspect of HR which focuses on people’s development through learning, leadership and training. This distinctive feature determined my choice as I realised that such a focused MA would provide me with a far more distinguished skillset than the general HRM certificates. In more practical terms, by obtaining the knowledge provided by this MA I would simultaneously obtain a competitive advantage in the employment market. Fortunately LUMS fulfilled my expectations to the utmost.

Living on a “vivid” campus full of young people from all over the world, having all the appropriate facilities that give you the opportunity to study at a higher level, the distinguished programme staff and the kind personalities of my classmates made me feel satisfied with my choice of Lancaster from the very first day on the course.

Teamwork was enabled by the staff who, using special exercises, reinforced the team spirit and encouraged each MA student to feel confident about the knowledge obtained through the course.

Additionally, the consulting project on the programme transformed my theoretical knowledge into practical skills and made me more confident in the business environment from the start.

Currently I occupy an HR position in Coca-Cola Hellenic, specialising in HR procedures using the SAP system. My Lancaster MA had a very important role in getting me selected for this position.