Newell John

Country of origin: United Kingdom

HR Consultant, NHS

Since writing this profile, Newell has moved on to a new job in the NHS where his role as HR consultant draws on the skills he learnt on the MA.

My decision to enrol on for the MA in Human Resource Development and Consulting [now the MA in Human Resources and Consulting] at LUMS was prompted by four key reasons:

  • The specifics of the course were an exact match to my interests
  • Lancaster University’s reputation for research is of an international standard
  • LUMS is ranked one of the very best management schools in the country
  • I was encouraged by my friends, who were former students and told me that the University had a charming, friendly and supportive atmosphere

It lived up to its billing in all respects.

The best part of the course for me was the variety involved. The course was layered to develop a practical and theoretical understanding, which helped me to see things from a number of points of view. Consequently this helped me to develop a more critical understanding of the material.

As part of the MA we did a consultancy project with Business Link. It was the first time Business Link had worked with the University on this particular programme, and, by the end of the project, they were keen to do more. We gained really useful experience, while they gained concrete outputs from our research. I have since kept in touch with Business Link and helped them to work towards implementing one of our suggestions.

In my free time, I made regular use of the gym, and the sports facilities available as part of membership. That was very good value.

I am currently working in a small HR dept at Ai Claims Solutions to gain some basic experience. I am in charge of the Payroll process from start to finish, from inputting absence data into the system right through to completing financial analysis reports once the payroll has been completed. I also have a number of other ongoing projects: I am currently working with the IT department to potentially replace the use of expensive add-ons to software with the use of free software solutions. I am conducting interviews with those at the top of the organisation to assist them with succession planning. I am also looking at ways of improving communication throughout the organisation.

Looking to the future, I see my career developing probably still in HR, as a business partner, but perhaps in a more consultancy-based role. I am looking to study both the CIPD and Six Sigma over the next couple of years.