There are no examinations on the MAMLL programme. Assessment is continuous, and involves five pieces of coursework.

Four of these are based on an action learning topic that you choose and consider in relation to your own practice. The fifth is a reflective essay on participating in, doing and receiving peer assessment. All the assignments will involve some element of literature research.

Three pieces of assessment are completed in Year 1:

  • two papers of 3-5,000 words each
  • a project of 8-10,000 words 

In Year 2, the remaining two pieces of assessment are: 

  • reflective essay of 3-5,000 words
  • a dissertation of 15-20,000 words

Assessment process

Participants play an active role within the assessment process. Within each learning set, all the members are responsible for evaluating the work of other set members and providing constructive feedback. Marks proposed by the set members are taken into account in deciding on the final marks to be presented to the Board of Examiners.

This form of assessment develops your skills in giving and receiving feedback, as well as your wider knowledge and appreciation of the dynamics and judgements used in assessment itself. The reflective essay in Year 2 is entirely peer-assessed. You are encouraged to keep a reflective log throughout the degree on your experience of peer assessment.