Learning environment

MAMLL participants work together in a self-managed learning community, committed to engaging with process as well as content. Within this learning community you are expected to be responsible for your own learning and also to share responsibility for other people's learning.

‌The differing experiences and knowledge of all members of the community are seen as an important asset for the whole community and for the learning that takes place within it.

Action learning sets

The backbone of the programme is provided by action learning sets. These are supported by five residential workshops and one virtual research methods clinic, plus a virtual management learning environment (MLE).

An action learning set consists of four to six self-selecting participants and a tutor. Depending on the circumstances and home-base of the participants, the sets may be either face-to-face or online.

The learning sets have three main aims. First, to help you identify the topics upon which to base your MAMLL assignments. Second, to support you and other members in producing critically reflective assignments that inform practice, and in providing constructive feedback. Third, and just as importantly, to provide a confidential forum for discussing personal and professional issues.

Sets usually change during the programme so as to maximise opportunities for working with as many different participants and tutors as possible.

Residential workshops

There are three residential workshops in the first year of the programme and two in the second, each exploring a major theme in management learning and leadership. More information is provided under workshops.

Networked learning

Networked learning is a crucial component of the programme, and the networking takes various forms.

The specially designed virtual management learning environment (MLE) helps all the MAMLL community members to keep in touch with one another and engage with work and study issues when they are back at work and dispersed throughout the world. You are expected to participate in this learning environment throughout the two years, and we provide the cross-platform software and training required.

The MLE gives you access to online forums, literature references, databases and other web-based resources. Most importantly it provides the space for between-workshop discussions and for action learning set online meetings, on an asynchronous basis. The advantage of this is that all participants can engage in online debate in their own time – to fit with other commitments and regardless of time zones.

The programme itself is also a forum for face-to-face and online networking – involving participants, academics, researchers, alumni and other practitioners. There are annual Management Learning and Leadership discussion events and an online social networking site for all MAMLL alumni and staff.

By providing connections between people, ideas, online materials, websites and other resources, the programme thereby becomes a dynamic network for learning which is continuously being shaped and re-shaped by its members.

Private study

‌Much of the work needed to produce assignments is undertaken through private study and research activity, back in your home environment.

The University library, which has specialist staff for management, provides remote access to the library catalogue and to a wide range of online databases. The library also operates a special postal loan service for books and journal articles, and wherever possible helps you to gain access to specialist libraries within your immediate vicinity.