Why choose the MAMLL programme?

MAMLL has been a leading Masters in the field for more than 30 years, and is staffed by people who are experienced facilitators and also some of the best researchers in the area of management learning and leadership.

Focus on issues that matter now and for the future

Despite its long pedigree, the MAMLL programme is never static. Renewing our design on an ongoing basis, in consultation with students and tutors, ensures that the underlying themes are in tune with what organisations and those working in them are confronting – changing needs, circumstances and technologies, shifts in the economic and political context of management and leadership, changes in work and organisational practices, and ICT developments that are impacting on all aspects of our lives.

Devise your own agenda and assignments

The MAMLL programme, with its open syllabus, gives you flexibility and scope to delve into areas and issues highly relevant to your own professional practice, and to your ambitions for the future.

The learning benefits are not just personal; they can be directly applied to your organisation, too, through the assessed work you undertake for the programme.

Learn from experienced fellow participants

The richness and diversity of professional backgrounds and experience represented within the MAMLL community is undoubtedly one of the programme's greatest strengths – you can learn an enormous amount from other participants and from our MAMLL alumni. As so many alumni have found over the years, the friendships, networks and support structures you build during MAMLL will almost certainly last long beyond the programme itself.

Access the latest research thinking

All staff teaching on the programme are active in research, and their research feeds into the programme content. You can therefore discuss and debate ideas with leading researchers in the field of organisational learning.

Legitimate time for reflection and reassessment

The residential workshops take you out of your day-to-day work environment for designated blocks of time, affording valuable time for critical reflection and detachment – often so difficult to achieve among the pressures of everyday professional life.

Fresh perspectives and support

The action learning sets allow you to tussle with issues with a critical and supportive set of colleagues, outside of your immediate circle at work. This can bring fresh perspectives and offer new approaches, possibly from an entirely different sector and cultural background to your own.

Flexible online learning

The MAMLL style of networked learning enables you to stay connected to the learning community from anywhere in the world. Allowing discussions and debate to continue beyond the workshop sessions, it means that time away from Lancaster can be just as productive as time spent together.

For those whose base is outside the UK, or whose workbase shifts on a regular basis, the virtual learning environment and online learning sets ensure you can always stay in touch with the latest discussions.