Management MSc student profiles

The MSc in Management provides a great platform for recent graduates of any degree discipline to launch a business career. Find out how the MSc has helped our students take their first steps into management.




Anais Anais

MSc Management, 2016

Anais is currently working as a Marketing Coordinator at Asian Tigers Mobility.

Naeem Desai

Management MSc, 2016

Naeem has accepted a position at Lidl UK on their Graduate Management Development Programme.

Sarada Narayanan

Management MSc, 2016

After graduation, Sarada will go on to pursue a Masters degree in Education.

Sam Paton

Management MSc, 2015

Sam loved his first degree at Lancaster so much he chose to stay on and boost his career with a Masters. He now works at Johnson & Johnson.

Samantha Crow

MSc Management, 2015

Complementing her Advertising and Marketing degree from LUMS with an MSc Management helped Samantha to obtain a job with MediaCom.

Aimee Brown

Management MSc, 2015

After her law degree at Lancaster Aimee enrolled on the MSc Management to pursue her growing interest in business and enterprise.

Luca Morrone

MSc Management, 2015

Partway through his MSc Luca was selected by Anheuser-Busch InBev to become a Global Management Trainee.

Luyao Chen

MSc Management, 2015

Luyao works at Accenture as a Technology Analyst.

Filipa Marques

MSc Managament, 2015

Filipa is currently working José de Mello Saúde after achieving a place on their graduate scheme.

Franziska Nowak

Management MSc, 2015

Franziska now works as a Consultant at Kampmann, Berg & Partner, a strategy consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany.

Alexandra Mulrennan

Management MSc, 2015

After completing her Master’s, Alexandra went on to work as a Marketing Intern at ROADS, a luxury lifestyle brand, and was later offered a full-time position as Marketing Assistant.

Kuan-Chih Chen

Management MSc, 2014

Using the LUMS careers services helped Kuan-Chih to secure a graduate job with Standard Chartered Bank during his MSc.