Sarah Blakemore

Country of origin: United States

Engineer Technologist, Bayswater Exploration & Production

Before coming to Lancaster, I did my Bachelors in the US in Communication with Public Relations and Spanish. Ahead of enrolling on the Management MSc at Lancaster, I travelled around the UK to meet the programme heads of all the top Management courses in the country. When I visited Lancaster, I knew that it was exactly where I was meant to be. I met the Programme Director at Lancaster, toured the campus, and Lancaster immediately felt like the right choice. 

Because Lancaster is a campus university, if you live on campus then you are able to get so close to your peers and get to know others really well. You become a family, in this small village. You never really have to leave the campus for anything – it has all the facilities you need. And when you do leave campus, everything is so close. Lancaster as a city is great, the perfect size, and big enough to get a train straight to somewhere like London or Manchester. 

All of the professors at Lancaster believe in you – they are very accessible and will meet with you whenever you want. This really is one of the main reasons why I chose Lancaster.

But Lancaster was so much more than academics. It was home, where I met my best friends and in addition happened to gain academic knowledge. It ended up teaching me about other cultures, pushing myself to my limits and realising that I could go much further than I thought. 

After graduation, I have become an Engineer Technologist for an oil and gas firm. I really loved my time at Lancaster and miss the university now I have left. I would do that year over again and again if I could.