Xiaonan Deng

Country of origin: China

Marketing Management Specialist, Kasikorn Bank (Thailand)

Xiaonan added to his Masters experience by doing a Study Abroad programme at Católica University in Portugal which extended his knowledge of marketing and taught him a new language

Before I came to study at Lancaster University Management School in 2010, I finished a four-year bachelor degree in Shanghai Tongji University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Throughout the programme I had chances to conduct internships in several media organisations, successively newspaper, television and the TBWA advertising agency. And it was in the process of my work in TBWA that I developed a strong interest in marketing and business management. So I decided to further my study abroad in this area.
Choosing to study my MSc in Management at Lancaster University Management School was not a coincidence. When I was researching the portfolios of the many universities in the UK, it was not easy to distinguish one from another based on hard data – seemingly every one has their appealing aspects. That was when 'word of mouth' came in. After I had read a few testimonials of Lancaster graduates on the web, I was impressed by Lancaster University Management School's all-around competency, especially its care for students, plus its already good name. I simply believed the academic experience there would add great value to my career, and Lancaster has not let me down.
The extensive course modules offered on the programme effectively helped me build up a solid base structure of management and marketing knowledge. In-depth case studies and seminars even brought me to a more practical level. Over the year, I also got the chance to represent LUMS to compete in the PITCH marketing game in Manchester organised by CIM, which was a precious experience that I won't forget.

Life in the tranquil town of Lancaster was simple yet very meaningful. I had no difficulty getting myself occupied by lots of recreational activities besides the study. Most importantly, I met many beautiful people there who became my best friends, which I will treasure for very long.
Also worth mentioning is that, after the MSc in Lancaster, I was selected for a post-graduation exchange programme at Católica University of Portugal. I have to say it was a golden opportunity for those like me seeking a further study chance and new experience of life. There in Católica on the IMBA program, I received specific and practical knowledge of marketing and business management from a dynamic and professional teaching crew. Meanwhile I had the chance to learn a new language and blend into the totally different lifestyle of the Portuguese. My stay in Portugal widened my vision and the memory there will always have its charms for me.
For personal reasons, I came to Bangkok to work after Católica. Taking advantage of the academic skills and extrovert personality developed in Europe, I got a job offer from one of the largest commercial banks here in Thailand, Kasikornbank. Now I am working in its China Business Department as a senior marketing specialist, responsible for marketing activities targeting the bank's Chinese customers both in Thailand and China. The learning from my Lancaster experience has been constantly supporting me in doing the best job I can each and every day.