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Being part of the Marketing MSc programme means you are an integral part of an interdisciplinary group. Each cohort, coming from a variety of educational and international backgrounds, will generate a stimulating and vibrant learning environment, and the opportunity for you to build an important international alumni network to support your marketing efforts far beyond university life.

You will be supported in an active student-led learning environment, where learning is carefully framed by experienced faculty, creating the scaffolding for individual and group learning within and beyond the classroom.

The Marketing MSc comprises seven taught modules: three foundation modules in term one, two compulsory and two optional modules in term two, followed by the Deep Dive Dissertation in term three.

In each term there is a Milestone Event to celebrate your learning. At these Milestone events you will be involved in activities that help you to reflect on your learning throughout the term, across the different modules that you have studied. You will be encouraged to consider the application of the theories you have studied in different practical settings, supported by engagement with a range of marketing practitioners who can share their experiences and stories with you.

Assessment methods vary from module to module and include coursework essays, formal examinations, group reports, case study analyses and presentations.

Term 1: October to December
Introduction to Marketing Theory

Term 2: January to March
Seeing Marketing Theory in Practice

Option choices

In Term 2 you also choose two from the following modules:

Term 3: April to September
The Practice of Marketing

The Deep Dive Dissertation is a unique feature of the MSc Marketing and has been developed to support you in a serious, live engagement with an experienced practitioner about a contemporary marketing challenge or issue. The portfolio of work you produce is designed to integrate your experience and expertise developed throughout the programme and will be invaluable for your entry into the marketing profession.