The Money, Banking and Finance degree is made up of a total of 180 credits, distributed across the eleven modules which make up the programme.

Assessment methods

The programme modules are assessed using a various types of assessment, so that you can show your capacity to work in different ways – for example, both individually and as part of a team. Methods used include formal examinations, individual coursework essays and assignments, group-based reports and presentations, and case study analysis. Many of the modules use more than one of these methods but most will include an element of formal examination. The Management School's student learning advisor provides a range of useful study aid resources, with guidance on topics such as exam technique and preparation, and other aspects of studying and learning more effectively.

For details of the assessment methods for individual modules, please see the module descriptions listed under programme content.

Pass marks and distinctions

To be awarded an overall pass for the MSc, students must achieve:

  • an overall average mark across all nine taught modules of at least 50%
  • a pass mark of at least 50% as a whole in the dissertation, and
  • no more than three modules with marks in 40-49% range

A distinction will be awarded where the overall average mark for the MSc is 70% or more, provided that the dissertation mark is at least 65%.