Learning environment

There is considerable variety in the teaching methods used on the programme. These include lectures and discussion sessions, groupwork, case studies, presentations and workshops on the use of statistical packages. You will have opportunities to make presentations and to work on a variety of group tasks, both assessed and non-assessed.

The style of teaching is often highly interactive, so you will be expected to contribute actively to class discussion and to engage in groupwork with students from many different backgrounds. For some of the modules you will be joining students from other Economics or Accounting and Finance programmes. This enables you to exchange ideas and benefit from the range of work experience and knowledge represented within the classroom.

The wide range of subjects covered – and the topicality of the issues under discussion – means that you will be expected to read widely, both in the academic literature and in the world press. The University library, with its extensive range of books, journals and database resources, is an important starting point, and you are likely also to be using a range of other internet-based resources.

The Economics Department has its own well-equipped computer room which you can use in addition to the other PC labs. The MSc teaching rooms have audio-visual facilities.