Money, Banking & Finance MSc student profiles

This MSc gives you a headstart in the job market. Find out how it's helped our students in their careers in banking and finance.



Shaoxuan Wang

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2015

Shaoxuan currently works as a Programme Manager at a real estate company.

Michael Stern

MSc Money, Banking and Finance, 2015

After graduating from the MSc Money, Banking and Finance Michael secured a finance-related consulting post with Accenture.

Adamos Papadopoulos

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2015

Adamos went on to secure a place at the European University Institute as a PhD Economics student.

Christos Gardikis

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2014

After graduation, Christos joined Citi as a Corporate Actions Analyst.

Xingzhi Yao

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2013

After her Masters, Xingzhi decided to stay on at LUMS to study for a PhD in Economics.

Junhan Lei

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2013

Junhan's postgraduate study enabled her to get the job she had hoped for at Citibank China.

Sarang Kulkarni

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2012

Sarang started working as a Credit Rating Financial Analyst at Dun & Bradstreet in Dubai, after graduating.

Haohan Li

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2012

Haohan did an Economics degree at Lancaster before joining the MSc MBF, and is now a Client Manager at Industrial Bank China.

Muhammad Usman Raja

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2012

Muhammad now works as a Research Officer at the Ministry of Finance in Pakistan.

Anatoli Monastirski

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2011

Anatoli's studies proved indispensable in getting a job with KPMG.

Georgia Bourmpou

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2011

Georgia began working as a Junior Risk Manager for MDO Group in Luxembourg after completing her degree.

Ningjie Wang

Money, Banking & Finance MSc, 2011

Ningjie is now a PhD student in the Economics Department at LUMS.