Why study Money, Banking and Finance?

The MSc in Money, Banking and Finance is an intellectually demanding programme, designed for those who aspire to top jobs in banking, finance or economic analysis and who already have a strong background in economics or finance. It will make demands on you – but in return will provide a rigorous training in theory and techniques and very marketable skills to give you a headstart in the job market.

Grounded in industry practice

The programme draws on the complementary expertise of two of the School’s departments: the Department of Accounting & Finance and the Department of Economics. Academics in both departments work as consultants and advisors to leading financial companies and institutions. This has been instrumental in guiding the design and content of the modules, and throughout the programme theoretical perspectives are counterposed with first-hand knowledge of industry concerns, practices and emerging trends.

Acquire practical skills for the workplace

Your assessed work will require you to become familiar with a range of IT applications. You will be working with databases used by financial analysts worldwide and will acquire demonstrable skills in creating, retrieving and interpreting data. The sustained work needed on your research dissertation will also allow you to demonstrate your capacity for problem-solving and for designing and executing your own research – including use of statistical techniques, questionnaire design and interview techniques. You will also be perfecting your skills in presenting your work effectively to different audiences, whether in writing or through personal presentation.

Access to research expertise

At LUMS, the staff who are teaching you are at the forefront of their discipline, and active in research. The syllabus on the programme evolves to reflect that latest thinking, and gives you a chance to test out your ideas with experts in the field, both through classroom discussions and via your own research project.

Extend your international perspectives

The international community at LUMS – both our students and our staff – means that you will be exposed to views from all around the world. You will have the chance to learn about different cultures, business practices and social and political economies, and to debate their merits or demerits in a truly multicultural environment. Like so many of our graduates, you will almost certainly find that the personal and professional networks you establish at LUMS will be ones that you will draw on throughout your future career.