MRes International Business

The MRes (Master in Research) is a one-year full-time Masters degree, which shares many elements in common with the MSc International Business & Strategy.

The MRes is intended for students who are planning to become academic researchers or consultants and who would benefit from structured preparation for their PhD studies, or who are required to complete a research training programme as part of their doctoral studies.

If you are planning to study for a PhD, whether at Lancaster or at another institution, the MRes is designed to give you a good grounding in international business and will help you to develop the qualitative and quantitative research skills needed to undertake doctoral research.

How does the MRes differ from the MSc?

The taught element of the MRes programme mirrors that of the MSc in International Business & Strategy programme, and you will be taught together as one cohort. As an MRes student you also take four further modules on research methods, two in each of the first two terms. These cover research issues and methods, information search strategies, and research design. You are also required to produce a dissertation which typically take the form of a PhD research proposal – enabling a smooth transition from the MRes to doctoral study. The dissertation represents 60 credits, out of a total of 210 credits for the MRes programme.

Progressing to doctoral research programmes

Students who achieve 65% overall, and at least 65% on the dissertation, will be able to proceed to the PhD programme, subject to the availability of supervisory capacity.


Tuition fees for the MRes International Business are the same as for the MSc International Business.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for the MRes in International Business are as for the MSc in International Business & Strategy. However, we will also take into account an applicant's potential for excellence in research and for progression to successful doctoral-level study. Therefore, offers for MRes study are typically made following the advice of the Department's Directors of PhD Study.

How to apply

The application process for the MRes programme is the same as for the MSc International Business & Strategy, except that you will also need to provide a short outline (one-to-two pages) of your research interests.