MSc Advanced Marketing Management

The Advanced Masters in Marketing Management is aimed at graduates with significant prior academic and/or practical grounding in marketing. It is this level of marketing expertise which is the key differentiator between our sister programme – the MSc in Marketing.

The Advanced Marketing Management MSc is focused on providing you with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge you need to further develop your career in marketing management. The MSc can also provide the requisite platform for further study at PhD level.

The programme is unique and the class size is tightly controlled to allow you the opportunity to fully engage with and learn from staff and fellow students.

Bringing together leading-edge theory and a unique perspective on the practice of marketing management, the programme revolves around three key strands of learning:

  • Developing a comprehensive and profoundly ‘integrative’ knowledge of marketing
  • Acquiring a critical perspective on the practical application of marketing management theory, and a deep understanding of the character of the real world of marketing management practice, the forms of problems encountered and marketing management decision-making
  • Development of the collaborative and deliberative skills crucial to effective contribution in marketing management roles.

The programme has a deep focus on marketing management practice and revolves around the key problems and issues faced by marketing managers. Throughout the MSc a variety of projects and case studies are used to examine the integration of theory and practice in marketing.

You'll be pushed academically, but crucially, the intense programme provides serious intellectual challenges that are central in the development of your critical thinking, creative and collaborative skills – skills designed to take you to the next level in your marketing career.

Our target is your success, and we know that these key transferable workplace skills are what make the difference to individual success out there in the real world of marketing management.

If you're interested in moving on to a PhD in Marketing, you'll find that the MRes variant of our Advanced Marketing Management programme is ideal preparation.

If you don't have the marketing experience necessary for this programme, you may be interested in the Marketing MSc, which is specifically designed for graduates with no previous marketing background..

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Microsoft are excited by the potential of this radical new departure in marketing education, with its clear focus on marketing in practice. We are very happy to be part of the new MSc in Advanced Marketing Management.

Andrew Hawkins, Microsoft Corporation

Every year we work closely with companies on real projects that give students exposure to practice and provide a learning environment where you can explore the relationship between theory and practice.

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Graduate stories

Graduates from the MSc Advanced Marketing Management talk about the huge benefits they've gained from studying marketing at Lancaster University Management School.