Improving the Utilization and Cost of Relief Workers at VSG

Client: Vision Security Group (VSG), Northampton
Student: Jin Shi
Supervisor: John Ranyard (MSc OR Project)


VSG is the seventh biggest security company in the UK and provides mainly security services as well as cleaning services in the industries such as retail, manufacturing and logistics. The aims of this project were to examine the utilization of relief workers, who provide cover for absences of permanent workers as well as short-term contract work, and to identify effective ways of reducing the relief worker costs. Absence records were analysed for the past two years in order to quantify absence causes and the utilization of both permanent and relief workers.

Annual leave, which peaks in March (the end of the leave year) and additional cover for short term contracts, which peaks in December, were found to be the main two causes and new performance indicators for better control of relief workers were proposed and will be implemented. Offering new workers individual leave years would reduce the annual leave peak in March. Further analysis of relief costs identified potential savings from recruiting new relief workers closer to the contract locations they are to serve.