Himanish Praharaj

Country of origin: India

Operations Research Consultant, Ernst & Young

The degree which Himanish studied, MSc Operational Research and Management Science, has changed its name to MSc Business Analytics.

LUMS is highly ranked in the UK and the MSc Operational Research and Management Science programme was highly rated, and supported by a very strong faculty. I found that the degree modules were aligned with what I wanted to pursue and had a very practical approach in terms of problem-solving and decision science.

The collegiate system at Lancaster gave campus a very friendly feel, which was another major factor in my decision-making.

The practical approach of the programme, with its emphasis on problem-solving and its relationship to real-world issues were some of the major plus points. The theory was not the main focus of learning and the quantitative nature of the work and study was a major attraction. Certain modules such as Stochastic Modelling and Spreadsheet Modelling were really good because to their relevance to industry.

Another element I enjoyed was my dissertation which gave me the opportunity and experience of trying to solve a real-world issue, bringing about a positive change and adding value. I also got to build a model from scratch and work with real data which provided a deeper understanding and insight into the industry.

Whilst at Lancaster I was an active part of the graduate football team and was also a member of the Indian Society.

My time at Lancaster was a perfect mix of fun and learning. The campus life and student atmosphere, along with the sports facilities, really complemented my time at Lancaster. It made pursuing a technical degree all the more enjoyable. The opportunity to explore Scotland and the Lake District was also a huge plus!

Both the faculty and the careers team are extremely supportive. The LUMS Careers Team helped me when creating my CV and tailoring it to the industry I applied to. They also supported me in terms of applications and prepping for assessment centres and mock interviews.

Since graduating I am working for Ernst & Young as an Operations Research Consultant within the Business Modelling team. My degree and the skills I have learnt whilst at university are invaluable at my place of work and help me on a daily basis.

Overall, I feel that if we are willing to take advantage of the resources available to us then there are a lot of opportunities at LUMS.