The Masters E-Business and Innovation (EBIN) is a unique multidisciplinary programme designed for ambitious graduates wanting to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to shape innovation in e-business and e-commerce brought about by Internet, mobile, and multimedia technologies.

The programme builds your understanding of both business and technology areas. Within the programme modules you will cover a wide range of topics such as e-business, e-marketing, business planning, finance, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, internet technologies, IT architecture, advanced networking, system security and mobile computing.

Programme focus

The EBIN programme focuses on skills and knowledge required to maximise the potential of modern information technologies for innovation in business. That is why the programme is designed as holistic experience, with an equal balance of business and technology topics and with a focus on integrating topics that are often taught in isolation.

The programme is run jointly by the Management School and the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster, both internationally recognised as centres of excellence in their respective disciplines. It also draws on expertise from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, the Business Enterprise Centre and Infolab21 (the University’s research, development and business centre for ICT).

Programme highlights

Throughout the programme, there is tight integration of theory and practice:

  • Practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples
  • Teaching partnerships with IBM, providing practice-oriented modules on technology topics
  • 10-week company-based consulting projects, allowing you to tackle real-world problems for real clients
  • Regular guest lectures by entrepreneurs, managers and developers, giving insights into business and technology 
  • Team building and leadership awaydays
  • Careers, learning and advanced study skills module

What do you need to apply?

The EBIN programme is open to anyone interested in shaping business and technology innovation – whether as part of a fast growing start-up company or within large-scale organisations. A background in business, management or computing is preferable, but not essential.

The flexibility offered within the programme means you have a variety of career choices – for example, as business and ICT managers in private and public sector organisations, as managers in new or emerging firms requiring entrepreneurial skills, or as project managers in existing technology and service providers. Our alumni profiles give you an idea of what our graduates go on to do.

Developing leadership skills Play this video

Developing leadership skills

The EBIN leadership day is designed to help students explore collaborative working and in particular interdependent team working. It gives students an opportunity to lead a team and to give and receive feedback on their leadership skills.

Cloud computing project Play this video

Cloud computing project

Phil Dean of Cisco UK describes how Cisco worked with students on a project to see how cloud computing might benefit Cisco's pharmaceutical clients.

MSc graduation Play this video

MSc graduation

Three MSc EBIN graduates describe their experience on the programme.