Programme content

Careful selection of topics from Management and Computing ensures that the programme enables applicants to develop a powerful combination of conceptual knowledge and practical skills relating to digital technologies, innovation, and digital entrepreneurship.

Term 1: October to December

Two bridging modules in the first term allow you to establish the foundation needed for the subsequent modules delivered throughout the programme, regardless of what you have studied for your first degree. 

During the first term, all students also take the following core modules:

Term 2: January to March

During this term, all students take the following core modules:

Term 3: April to September

This final term draws together all your learning from the earlier modules and enables you to show your skills in applying your knowledge to an in-depth piece of work - either a consultancy based project in which you will work in small groups (typically three) with a company client, or a research project, or a start-up project with related dissertation. Regardless of the type of project, it is always done in close collaboration with an academic supervisor at Lancaster. Dissertations are handed in during September, and graduation takes place at Lancaster in early December.