E-Business & Innovation MSc student profiles

Our former students work in technical, managerial and consulting positions in the IT industry. Discover how the EBIN programme has helped them in their careers.



Pavel Kabir

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2014

Pavel is using his management experience from the EBIN programme to drive forward the development of the retail company he founded.

Suparoek Leesaen

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2014

Suparoek was part of a Deloitte project team while at Lancaster and was recruited to Amey's fast-track graduate programme after his MSc.

Ioannis Vaganof

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2014

Ioannis now works as a Commercial and Marketing Executive at BCMY, a printer cartridge recycling company in the UK.

Flavia Vintila

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2013

Flavia completed an internship in Vienna after graduation, where she studied abroad as part of her programme.

Simon Ramsden

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2013

Simon completed a research project with Deloitte as part of his degree. He now works as a functional consultant for Oracle.

Pintip Chunnapiya

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2013

For her summer consultancy project Pintip worked with a UK ERP solution provider. She is now a systems analyst with Tri Petch IT Solutions in Thailand.

James Vaughan

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2013

James now works in the public sector as a business technology analyst for a county council.

Eric Maina

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

Studying in China as part of his degree enabled Eric to learn Mandarin and gain important cultural insights. He now works for Microsoft ESA.

Karen Azzopardi

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

After her Masters, Karen was recruited by Hewlett-Packard in the UK.

Johannes Mehlem

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

Johannes now works for HubSpot in Dublin.

Alex Thexton

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

Alex works for KPMG as a management consultant.

Saad Rizwan

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

Not long after doing a degree in Business Administration, Saad decided to boost his skills with an MSc EBIN degree.