Ervin Jarvlepp

Country of origin: Estonia

Co-Founder, Real Time Cloud Ltd

I graduated from Lancaster University with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship after which I was offered a job in one of the Big Four firms. However, I decided to reject the offer when I discovered the MSc E-Business and Innovation programme and I do not regret the decision.

The MSc EBIN course is unique. To me, it represents the culture of tomorrow, where technology start-ups are an essential part of the economy. This course integrates IT and business by teaching you the necessary theories and giving you the opportunity to apply them the very next day. There is a good balance between academic teaching and industry experience which is shared by professionals from IBM, SAP and other firms.

The best and most unique part of the course is innovation. If you think it cannot be taught, well, you might be right to some extent. So instead of teaching you how to be innovative per se, you will be guided to learn it yourself. Your lecturers will point you in the right direction but you will discover new ideas and concepts on your own. You will learn to create bridges between everything that you have studied and experienced.

Company project

My dissertation was based on the project I did for Deloitte. The main topic was social media as a tool for measuring and increasing brand awareness and customer engagement across several industries of our choice. Our team included three subject matter experts from Deloitte who shared their industry experience with us and that knowledge was very valuable. At the end of the project our team presented the findings to Deloitte’s senior managers and partners in London and each of us became an expert in our field of research.

Currently I am still running my first start-up, Lionspell, which is a translation agency launched in 2011. Aside from this, during our Masters course, I co-founded a company called Real Time Cloud Ltd, with a friend and coursemate. This is a good example of why MSc EBIN is unique – I have the business knowledge whereas he has excellent technical expertise, and thanks to this programme we both know how to combine the two effectively (Real Time Cloud Ltd has developed a new cache-based real-time cloud internet server solution which is being patented together with Lancaster University).

To summarise it briefly, the MSc E-Business and Innovation programme will teach you everything you could possibly need, you will meet brilliant like-minded people and you can be sure that no single day will be the same.