Oma Ogban

Country of origin: Nigeria

IT Analyst, KPMG (Nigeria)

When it came to choosing an institution to study for a Masters degree, there were various factors I took into consideration. I was looking for a course with the right mix of business and technology, exposing me to both academic and industry knowledge. I also sought an institution that offered a cultural mix - accepting people from various economic and cultural backgrounds – and that offered a suitable place for learning with vast learning resources, serenity, history and relatively low living costs.

I can say for certain that I got all of these and more from the MSc E-Business and Innovation programme at Lancaster University Management School.

My year studying at Lancaster was particularly transforming; as a result of the modules I took, I became knowledgeable about business and technology, the fusion of these two elements and their role in technopreneurial ventures. The highlight of the programme for me was the organisation-based project, where I worked with two other colleagues on user interaction in business intelligence tools.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to continuously work in small project groups with students from diverse countries, cultures and with various strengths and aspirations, which further improved the learning experience for me.

Currently, I work with KPMG Nigeria as an IT Analyst. With the skills I was able to gain from the MSc E-Business and Innovation programme, I am able to effectively assess clients’ technology environments by employing business-focused methodologies. Also, with current movements in Nigeria towards e-commerce, I continue to contribute from a consulting stance for businesses that want an online presence, and again, the knowledge from my Masters experience has contributed significantly to my competence in this area.