Why choose the EBIN MSc?

One central aspect that differentiates the E-Business and Innovation MSc at Lancaster from other e-business Masters is its focus on three key areas – entrepreneurship, e-business, and digital technologies – and, most crucially, on showing you how the interplay between them drives innovation in business.
  • It provides a deep understanding of how IT can be used by businesses to gain competitive advantage, open up new markets, enhance relationships with customers and suppliers, and streamline many of the firm’s core processes and systems
  • Effective use of IT requires both business managers with a sound grasp of what the technologies can offer and the processes involved and IT professionals who understand how to align and adapt technology to the company’s overall strategic objectives and shifting customer demands
  • The rigorous analytical and conceptual skills you will be developing are complemented by an emphasis on interpersonal and leadership skills, including persuasion, negotiation ,and team-building – all vital when working in project and organisational environments and having to balance the needs and demands of different stakeholders
  • Business and technological knowledge, as well as interpersonal and leadership skills – as our alumni testify - is a powerful combination that proves highly attractive to employers and opens up a wide range of career opportunities