Why choose the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice MSc?

Dual emphasis on theory and practice

On this MSc you will be taught by leading researchers who operate at the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation thinking, enabling this programme to incorporate the most recent theoretical advancements in the field. Moreover, the active engagement of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation with local and national businesses on initiatives to support business growth, innovation and leadership has given the department a wide network of contacts within various industries, enabling this programme to be tied closely to the realities of entrepreneurship.

This dual emphasis on theory and practice is a distinguishing feature of the EIP MSc programme and will be key in building your competitive advantage as a future entrepreneur and innovator.

‌Interact with entrepreneurs and business leaders

Through practical project work and regular guest lecture sessions, you will have many opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs and business leaders, learning first-hand about their experiences of establishing and growing businesses.

The programme includes a consultancy-style project where you work in a team for an SME client organisation, analysing the company’s current position and advising on potential strategies for development. There is a strong emphasis on shared learning, so not only will you learn from your peers and the academics, but both you and the business will learn from each other.

Acquire important transferable skills

A wide range of learning and assessment methods are used on the programme, involving both individual and group-based work. These enable you to acquire important transferable skills that will be highly attractive to employers. In addition to improving your IT skills and your presentation skills, you will enhance your skills in areas such as:

  • defining and solving complex problems
  • using commercial awareness to inform decision making
  • communicating business concepts clearly to others
  • undertaking effective research
  • working effectively in teams
  • writing clear, succinct reports

Develop intercultural competences

Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation is a culturally diverse department – with staff members coming from five different continents. And so are our students. Thus, you will be working with people from many different countries and backgrounds, which enables you to gain highly valuable experience in understanding and accommodating different cultural perspectives and values – invaluable skills for future work in multinational teams or for conducting business across national boundaries.