Programme content

The MSc in Human Resource Management (offered by the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology) is structured around four main themes: Human Resource Management; Knowledge Management; the management of change and new organisational structures and processes; and the production of managerial knowledge, which includes research methodology in preparation for the final dissertation.

‌In addition, there are two non-credit bearing modules (Advanced Study Skills) and an ongoing series of workshops and supervision sessions, designed to help you progress through the degree effectively.

The academic year at Lancaster has three terms: the first (Michaelmas) and the second (Lent) contain the main lectures. The third (Summer term) is devoted to independent study and is more focused on supervised work for the dissertation project.

Induction Week

The degree begins with a week of intensive activities designed to introduce you to the programme and make clear what will be expected of you. Induction will also allow you to find out more about the University and Management School and the facilities available. A series of activities and social events, including two off-site visits to places of interest, will allow you to get to know your fellow students and the staff in the department.

Term 1: October to December

Term 2: January to March

Term 3: April to September