Rachel Wilson

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Experience Director, Terrapinn Middle East Fz Llc

Before starting my MA in Human Resource and Knowledge Management (now an MSc) at Lancaster University I studied on the BBA in Management USA/Australasia programme at Lancaster. As part of this four-year degree I also studied at Texas A&M University, College Station, as an exchange student and worked in London for IBM UK Ltd in marketing communications and events management.

I applied for the Human Resource and Knowledge Management programme after receiving much encouragement and insight from LUMS faculty members while I was a BBA student. In my final year I had opted to take two modules in the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology, one taught by Dr Colin Brown (People in Organisations) and the other by Dr Bogdan Costea and Norman Crump (Human Resource Management). Both courses opened up new theoretical insights, were highly inspirational and left me eager to learn more from further exposure to this department.

On graduation from the BBA I was left with a tough decision of whether to study Human Resource Management at the University of Florida or to return to Lancaster University. After much deliberation I decided the opportunity at Lancaster appeared a greater academic challenge and would allow me to see such disciplines in more relevant and focused ways. Additionally, the familiarity I already had with the city, campus, the inviting Department of Organisation, Work and Technology and its people felt most welcoming.

I liked many aspects of the Masters in Human Resource and Knowledge Management. Of primary appeal was the abundance of culturally diverse students I met in orientation week. Although I was studying in my home country for most of this year I felt like I was participating in another reciprocal exchange. The friends I studied and socialised with on a daily basis were from a multiplicity of international backgrounds, which instantly presented an expansive level of interest in terms of their differing academic/employment backgrounds and cultural learning.

Personal and intellectual development

In addition the autonomy given in research throughout the course (whilst at first challenging) became highly motivating and helped to instil in me a great enthusiasm for all research and writing. The challenge and independence presented by the Masters in HR&KM gave me the chance to critically explore new intellectual areas and to see things from many different perspectives. Participating in the programme allowed me to develop myself personally and academically, challenge my own thoughts and those of others, and study ideas that I didn’t have the confidence or ability to explore at undergraduate level.

I will be forever grateful to Lancaster Management School, the people working closely with the BBA and the OWT department – they guided and supported me to reach unprecedented levels of academic potential and confidence.

Lancaster has shaped my way of thinking. It has increased my knowledge base, helped me to build an extensive skills base with real contemporary relevance and shaped my future career in management. Both the BBA and the HRKM programme were undoubtedly invaluable experiences, and I would highly recommend both courses to anyone who welcomes a steep learning curve and an academic challenge.

I am now working as an Entertainment Client Manager for HydroFestival. We are building and executing ultimate marine sports festivals throughout the Middle East, in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and 5 of the United Arab Emirates. These festivals include formula 1 hydroplane races, jet ski, jet ski freestyle, water ski, kite boarding etc. My role entails setting up the evening entertainment (concerts) – hiring international artists, taking charge of all VIP guests and VIP stands. And on the flip side I coordinate with all cities where we host such events to make sure that health and safety, crowd control, first aid, infrastructures and cleanliness are intact. Basically ensuring sufficient allots are given where essential and to all necessary parties involved so that the events can be executed in the safest possible way.

Rachel has since taken on a new job, based in Dubai.