Learning environment

Be prepared to engage. Your learning experience here at Lancaster depends on how much you are willing to share.

The International Business and Strategy MSc aims to bring reality into the classroom. In many sessions there will be a mix of discussion, group exercises and case studies, enabling you to engage with theories and concepts and reflect on how these apply in practice. You will have plenty of opportunities to hone your presentation skills and to work on group projects.

Lively debate is an important element of the learning process, and understanding experiences and practices from different countries and cultures is central to discovering more about the complexities of international business and strategy. The class size is relatively small, allowing for all class members to be active contributors.

The wide range of subjects covered – and the topicality of the issues under discussion – means that you will be expected to read widely, both in the academic literature and in the world press. The University library, with its extensive range of books, journals and database resources, is an important starting point, and you are also likely to be using a range of other internet-based resources.