Why choose the International Business & Strategy MSc?

If you relished your study of business at undergraduate level, IB&S MSc offers advanced-level study which will push your strategic thinking to new levels.

Careers in international management

The programme provides you with advanced problem-solving capabilities needed by global managers. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to enhance your employability and value for future employers. In particular, you will get in-depth experience in giving presentations, report-writing and IT skills, negotiation, team-work, leadership and the ability to plan and manage a demanding schedule of work.

As our alumni profiles show, these types of skills are ideal for roles within international businesses, consultancies but also financial service firms.

Work on contemporary strategic issues

You will be examining contemporary issues and developments in many different areas of international business and strategy; from mergers and acquisitions, global trade and exchange rates to leadership in cross-cultural settings. A feature of the programme is its recognition of the influence of political, historical and cultural factors in international business and strategy.

Study in an international environment

The international element of the programme is not confined to curriculum content. You will learn an enormous amount from the diverse experiences of your fellow students; you will be studying alongside people from many different countries and backgrounds, both on the programme itself and within LUMS more broadly.

The teaching team is also diverse. All tutors are experts in their respective subject areas. Many of them have in-depth experience from working in large multinational firms or global organisations.

The IB&S MSc provides you the opportunity to study to in a truly international environment. You may choose to do one of your electives with Guanghua School of Management in Beijing.