MSc Politics, Philosophy & Management

This new and unique interdisciplinary Masters in Politics, Philosophy and Management is designed to shape your capacity to comprehend the larger socio-political world around you, equipping you with strategies for managing effectively within it and the ethics to help make it a better place.

It gives you in-depth knowledge of the major theories, concepts and issues relating to politics, philosophy and the management of institutions across various intellectual traditions and historical contexts.

In a highly competitive labour market, this MSc has grown out of demands for a new kind of management professional: graduates who are not only competent administrators but who bring with them a broader set of abilities. People who can see the underlying connections between complex problems, and who can respond to the strategic demands of reconciling economic growth, sustainability and equitable social outcomes.

Who is this for?

The subject of your first degree is not critical: what's vital is the quality of your intellectual curiosity and your capacity to connect with ideas across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Graduates from arts, humanities or social science disciplines can use this Masters to demonstrate a wider portfolio of skills to employers by acquiring valuable management knowledge and experience. Those from management-related areas can complement and enrich their existing knowledge by adding fresh perspectives drawn from other disciplines.

Where does it lead?

The programme is ideal for those who aspire to careers in the corporate sector, in major public-sector and political institutions or in international bodies involved in trans-national governance – such as NGOs, the United Nations or the European Union. It also provides a firm foundation for those looking to pursue academic careers.

Why choose MSc PPM at Lancaster? Play this video

Why choose MSc PPM at Lancaster?

Nick talks about what he likes about this programme, about the careers support available and about life as a LUMS student. 

Why choose MSc PPM at Lancaster? Play this video

Why choose MSc PPM at Lancaster?

Fabian says he understands why previous students recommended LUMS to him.