Why choose the Politics, Philosophy and Management MSc?

Fairness, sustainability, order and peace – no longer are managers charged only with delivering efficiency and effectiveness, in today’s global organisations they are required to find ways of reconciling many competing demands.

As governance systems come under scrutiny in so many societies and systems around the world, it is becoming clear that management and politics are not only interconnected but are in many ways inseparable.

Unique interdisciplinary approach

This Masters programme breaks new ground in bringing together these important areas, using a powerful interdisciplinary approach which allows you to examine issues from many different angles.

You’ll engage with some of the most important debates of our age – and with no comparable programme anywhere in Europe, this MSc gives you a unique opportunity to develop a sophisticated understanding of social, political, organisational and management processes and the interconnections between them. You will also learn how to deal with complex issues such as the management of people and of organisational change.

Flexibility to choose your own route

Five different pathways through the programme ensure that you can follow whichever areas interest you most or fit best with the career direction you intend to take.

Broad portfolio of skills to offer employers

Alongside this specialist knowledge and fresh way of thinking, you will acquire and build many other transferable skills during the programme – for example, intercultural teamworking, analytical and presentation skills, negotiation, research design and report-writing. This gives you a distinctive and highly attractive set of skills and abilities to present to employers.

Expert faculty

The programme is taught by two top-rated departments: the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at LUMS and the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) in the University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

With around 60 faculty members, each specialising in particular areas, this gives you access to expertise in many different subjects – and great scope to explore the latest ideas and approaches. At key points in the programme, particularly in your summer research project, you’ll be working closely with individual staff members and able to gain insights from their current research activity. That research also informs what you learn in the classroom.

Vibrant international mix

LUMS is a lively, cosmopolitan school, attracting talented students from all around the world, from different cultural and working backgrounds. You’ll often be taught together with Masters students on other programmes in either Management or PPR, so the diversity within the class makes for a rich interchange of ideas, and also enables you to build lasting friendships and professional networks for the future.