MSc Project Management alumni profiles

Graduates from the programme move into project management roles in a wide range of organisations. Find out more about some of our recent graduates and their experience at Lancaster.




Dan Dupont

MSc Project Management, 2015

Before graduating, Dan secured a position as Project & Events Manager at Our Local Heroes Foundation in Preston through his Master’s programme.

Balakumar Arumugham

MSc Project Management, 2015

Balakumar went on to secure a job in NW England as a Senior Consultant at Arcadis UK.

Soren Udby

MSc Project Management, 2015

Currently, Soren works as a Project Manager at Rinicare in Lancaster where he manages projects developing smart healthcare technologies.

Alexander Andreev

MSc Project Management, 2014

Alexander secured a job at EY in Russia after his graduation from Lancaster.

Timur Khilazhev

MSc Project Management, 2013

After graduation, Timur joined Mars at their Management Development Programme.

Yuantao Peng

MSc Project Management, 2012

Yuantao currently works as a Senior Project Manager at China Aviation Asset Management. He completed a Study Abroad term at Bocconi University in Italy.

Rinat Maksutov

MSc Project Management, 2010

Rinat now works as a consultant for Accenture, a global leader in IT consulting.

Rozalin Saki

MSc Project Management, 2009

Rozalin's first degree was in Engineering. She now works in a company specialising in the management of construction projects.

Ryan Callus

MSc Project Management, 2008

Ryan is now Policy Co-ordinator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Maltese government.

Nooch Kaewla-iad

MSc Project Management, 2007

After graduating, Nooch returned to Thailand where she was offered a job by IBM as a Project Manager.

Adrian Tedeschi

MSc Project Management, 2006

After working for Apple on his MSc summer project, Adrian now works for in construction project management for SAJO Inc, and includes Apple among his clients.

Dimitrios Litsikakis

MSc Project Management, 2006

Following his summer project with HSBC, Dimitris joined IBM in London, as a project management trainee.