Careers in Project Management

Project management offers enticing career prospects as skilled project managers are now viewed as vital to business success in so many different industry sectors – no longer just the traditional engineering and manufacturing sectors but also in many service-based areas.

Project managers play a key role in areas as diverse as IT, telecoms, health services and education, local and national government, media, sport and leisure.

Given this breadth of opportunity, this MSc has been designed to ensure that the key principles you will acquire are generic – as applicable in marketing or service-led organisations as they are in engineering or construction firms. 

Our graduates gain employment in many different types of posts and organisations. You can read of the experiences of some of our graduates in our alumni profiles.

The box on the right shows some of the more typical roles within project management.

Careers support

The School has its own careers team, and during the year careers workshops are held to help you with job-search strategies, writing CVs and applications and preparing for interviews. You can also book individual advice sessions with a Careers Advisor.

Other valuable resources for career planning and job-hunting are the University’s Careers Service, which has a well stocked resource centre, containing employer information, and the School’s online resources for job-hunting.

The active involvement of project management professionals in the delivery of the MSc programme gives you ideal opportunities for networking.

A range of other events organised by the School, such as guest lectures and industry fora, will also be valuable for relationship-building.