Why choose the Project Management MSc?

The MSc in Project Management at LUMS is distinctive in its focus on projects within a broad spectrum of business. It seeks to build generic skills, which allow its graduates to enter a wide variety of project management careers.

Most project management programmes, coming from an engineering or construction perspective, focus strongly on the 'scientific' aspects of project management – for example, exploring the dynamics of construction project management. As such, they devote attention to rational analysis of problem situations in the search for an optimum solution. Yet, as industry reports have often highlighted, focusing on the techniques of project management is no guarantee of success. Project failures are rarely down to technical factors alone – human and organisational factors often play a major role. 

Hard skills and soft skills combined

This MSc will give you all the 'tools' of professional project management but combine that with an all-important emphasis on how to manage people and interventions most effectively throughout the change process.

As a top-rated Management School, with specialists in all areas of management, HR and organisational behaviour, we can help you explore these issues and develop your confidence in managing complexity and ambiguity. For any project manager, this is an essential skill to master, since projects are typically characterised by fluidity and change, however carefully they may be scoped at the outset and negotiated with different stakeholders.

Learn from experienced practitioners

Most staff teaching on the programme have experienced the joys, frustrations and tensions of managing real world projects. In addition, guest speaker contributions give you the chance to learn from current practitioners, engaged in diverse industries and organisations. This is also a great way to extend your professional networks in the industry. 

Acquire industry-relevant skills

Through your work on the various programme modules, you will develop many highly relevant practical skills for careers in project management – from the use of MS Project and other key software through to budgeting, negotiation, international teamwork, and preparing and making presentations.

Test out your skills before you graduate

The action learning style of the programme, including the chance to undertake substantial live client projects, provides opportunities to test out and refine your skills before you launch yourself on to the job market. You will learn how to produce a comprehensive project definition and plan, how to monitor and control projects, including those outside your normal ‘comfort zone’.

Build a global network

The programme attracts students from across the world, from very different working and academic backgrounds – and that diverse make-up is one of its great strengths. It forms the nucleus of a great learning environment, and gives you globally-based friends and professional colleagues for the future.

Student Testimonials: Alejandro

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Student Testimonials: Daniel

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Student Testimonials: Sasha-Kay

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