Quantitative Finance MSc student profiles

Our students have gone on to secure jobs with banks and financial institutions all over the world. Find out what they thought of their time at LUMS and how it helped them launch their careers.



Hang Liu

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2016

Hang will continue his studies at Lancaster University, studying for a PhD in Statistics.

Christian Koeppel

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2013

Upon graduating from the MSc Quantitative Finance, Christian obtained a job as a consultant for Deloitte Germany.

Alex Maura Mundo

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2013

Having completed the MSc Quantitative Finance, Alex is now working as an Actuarial Associate for PwC.

Oluyemi Fadahunsi

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2013

After graduation, Oluyemi secured a role as a Transactions and Restructuring Analyst at KPMG in Nigeria.

Zhaoxian Huang

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2013

Zhaoxian applies his skills in quantitative analysis daily for his job in risk management.

Jiangfan Jing

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2013

Jiangfan now works for Oriental Research Capital in Beijing.

Nan Wang

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2012

Nan reflects on the wide choice of modules in the MSc Quantitative Finance programme.

Boyan Karkovski

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2012

Boyan secured a job at Lloyds TSB as part of the Market and Liquidity risk team.

Cheng-Kang Wang

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2012

Cheng-Kang now works as a researcher at Manchester Business School.

Min Xiao

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2012

After his MSc Min joined UBS as an Operations Analyst but is now a management trainee with HSBC.

Weiwei Kou

Quantitative Finance MSc, 2012

Weiwei decided to study for a PhD in Economics at Lancaster after completing his MSc.