Postgraduate study abroad profiles

Many LUMS Masters programmes give you the opportunity to study at one of our partner overseas universities. Find out what our students think of the value of this unique experience.




Tsitsi Ganga

Politics, Philosophy & Management MSc, 2017

Tsitsi is completing further study abroad at a top university in China for a term.

Fabian Fluche

Politics, Philosophy & Management MSc, 2017

Fabian has continued studying in Moscow and is now considering a PhD.

Jeerathida Narumitlert

MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Practice, 2015

After completing her MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice, Jeerathida went on to become an Assistant General Manager at Kaset Phattana Industry in Thailand.

Ayla Johanne Lillevik

MSc Management, 2014

Ayla studied in Vienna as part of her MSc, and afterwards gained a position as Norway Country Manager at MyProtein with The Hut Group in Northwich.

Xiangzi Dong

MSc Management, 2013

After her Lancaster MSc, Xiangzi went on to study in Norway for a second Master's as part of LUMS's double-degree programme.

Zhiyi You

MSc Management, 2013

Zhiyi studied abroad twice within his MSc, including on our double-degree scheme in Portugal. He is now a consultant at EY's London office.

Kwabena Aboa Addo

MSc International Business, 2013

Kwabena took part in a double-degree programme, studying at both Lancaster and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.

Rui Peng

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2013

A semester abroad at Rotterdam School of Management, after her Masters at LUMS, helped Rui to extend her international experience.

Ziying Fan

MSc Management, 2013

Ziying went on to study MSc Professional Accounting in Auckland upon graduating from LUMS.

Angelos Georgopoulos

MSc Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2013

After graduation, Angelos continued his education at the University of Patras in Greece.

Dongxin Ji

MSc Management, 2013

Dongxin worked as a business assistant before coming to LUMS. She also studied abroad in Germany as part of her MSc.

Leonard Eggert

MSc Finance, 2013

Leonard learnt Chinese while at LUMS, and winning a scholarship from the Lancaster China Management Centre, he was able to spend a term in Beijing after completing his MSc.