Postgraduate study abroad profiles

Many LUMS Masters programmes give you the opportunity to study at one of our partner overseas universities. Find out what our students think of the value of this unique experience.




Eric Maina

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

Studying in China as part of his degree enabled Eric to learn Mandarin and gain important cultural insights. He now works for Microsoft ESA.

Zilian Hu

MSc Management, 2012

Zilian spent an extra semester studying in France at the end of her Lancaster MSc, thanks to LUMS Post Masters Study Abroad scheme.

Amitesh Podder

Full-time MBA, 2012

Engineer Amitesh switched industries after his MBA and is now working for KPMG.

Joshua Rafferty

MSc Management, 2012

Joshua chose to study in Germany as part of his MSc, and now works in Belgium.

Fabio Petzhold Dias

MSc Management Science & Marketing Analytics, 2012

Fabio did his company project in Switzerland and also spent a term studying at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

Jiani Liu

MSc Management, 2012

Jiani's study with LUMS gave her the chance to attend a summer school in Vienna which counted towards her degree. She now works in the UK for Leeds Trinity University.

Parth Gautam

MSc Management, 2012

Parth spent a term at Copenhagen Business School as part of his MSc. He now works in marketing for Edusys.

Roman Diakoff

MSc ITMOC, 2012

Roman undertook a Study Abroad programme at Renmin University in China after completing his MSc at Lancaster.

Linda Eugenia Garcia Pineda

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

Linda was awarded a scholarship to do a Study Abroad term in China after completing her MSc. She now works in fresh foods inventory control for Costco in Mexico.

Yuantao Peng

MSc Project Management, 2012

Yuantao currently works as a Senior Project Manager at China Aviation Asset Management. He completed a Study Abroad term at Bocconi University in Italy.

Patrick Bonfils

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2011

Patrick took advantage of the School's links with China and did a three-month internship in Beijing, developing a digital marketing strategy, as part of his MSc.

Xiaonan Deng

MSc Management, 2011

Xiaonan studied in Portugal as part of his MSc and now works for one of Thailand's largest banks.