Postgraduate study abroad profiles

Many LUMS Masters programmes give you the opportunity to study at one of our partner overseas universities. Find out what our students think of the value of this unique experience.




Emmanuel Eni Amadi

Executive MBA, 2011

Emmanuel visited China on one of his EMBA electives, which prompted the opening of a new family business.

Michelle Farber

Full-time MBA, 2011

After her MBA Michelle set up her own consulting firm in the UK - Farber Strategies Ltd.

Justine Lacaille

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2011

Following her Lancaster degree, Justine took a 'Masters Study Abroad' scheme in Taiwan and now works in marketing for L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Kate Palmer

Full-time MBA, 2010

Trained as an architect, Kate took the MBA to expand her business knowledge. She extended with a Study Abroad programme at St Gallen, and then joined a rural diversification consultancy.

Tom Huggon

MSc Management, 2010

Tom's degree at Lancaster included a client project and also took him on Study Abroad to Switzerland. He now works for Ernst & Young.

Abishek Chand

Full-time MBA, 2009

Abishek extended his supply chain experience through his summer project, then worked in logistics for the Widdowson Group. He also went to Bocconi in Milan on an MBA exchange.

Maxim Ruzanov

Full-time MBA, 2008

After completing a study abroad programme at St Gallen as part of his MBA, Maxim has rejoined his original employer, one of Russia's leading electrical engineering companies.