Xiangzi Dong

Country of origin: China

Master's degree in Economics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Xiangzi took advantage of LUMS's double-degree scheme arrangements with NHH in Norway, going on to study for a second Master's degree.

Before coming to Lancaster I studied Material Science and Engineering in China at one of the best Chinese universities. However, I found myself more interested in management science during my short working experience after graduation and was willing to study abroad to explore a different learning environment.

When I had the opportunity to study in the UK, I chose Lancaster University and the Management MSc programme not only because of the good reputation of the LUMS, but because the programme itself covers a broad range of management.

Studying in Lancaster helped me build a good understanding of management and especially project management, my chosen pathway. I experienced a number of group work projects, in-depth theoretical studies, and most importantly, some consulting activities with real companies which gave me useful practical insights. The experience of teamwork with students from countries all over the world showed me how to cooperate within a team and how to act as a leader.

The project management pathway within the programme was really challenging and practical. We were given the chance to deal with real projects to allow us to learn theories through putting them into practice. After the course I had a clear idea of how large and complicated projects are handled and controlled.

Lancaster also supplied first-class guidance for students on career planning and opportunities to study at business universities around the world.

Double-degree option

After studying in Lancaster, LUMS offered me the opportunity to gain a second Master's degree at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Norway. This was an excellent experience for me. I had a lot of freedom to choose the courses that I was interested in and the culture in Norway is unique. I will gain an MSc in Economics and Business Administration in July, 2014.

I believe that my experiences at Lancaster and NHH will benefit me a lot in my professional career and support me in many aspects of my future life.