Ziying Fan

Country of origin: China

Volunteer Accounts Administrator, Lifeline Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Lancaster University is ranked in the UK top ten and LUMS was named ‘Business School of the Year’ in 2012-2013. I chose LUMS because I believed the careers service and opportunities available would help me succeed in the future. I also found the overall cost, including tuition fees and living fees, was cheaper than other comparable business schools. A friend who studied at LUMS in the previous year also recommended Lancaster to me.

One of the things I enjoyed most about my Management MSc degree was the project work as it was really satisfying, especially the consulting and company projects. As I had studied electronic engineering for four years previously, I found the practical projects provided a great opportunity to get first-hand experience of management. What’s more, the dissertation is based on the company project, which provides a realistic approach. I had the opportunity to put my own skills into practice and my supervisor was really responsive and helpful.

Whilst at Lancaster I got involved in many different activities. In the first term, I took part in the job fair, which allowed me to network and to talk to company representatives. I also was involved in the workshop held by Accenture, completing case studies within a team, and attended a careers talk by Deloitte, with alumni speakers.

I found completing my dissertation based on a company project rather challenging, as it required me to write a company report and presentation as well as a critical reflection piece within eight weeks. In order to finish on time it was important to prioritise my workload and cooperate with my partner efficiently. I needed to learn how to accommodate the needs of the company, deal with conflict within the team and interact with the company to persuade them to provide more information. And I also learnt a new style of reflective writing, important in working life.

My Study Abroad experience at WHU was really amazing. I found fewer Chinese people in Germany, so was able to improve my language skills. I am really happy that I had the chance to work with local students as part of my group work, and the international office organised many activities. I made many friends from different countries and learned lots about the interesting culture and experiences as well as learning some basic German.

My year on the MSc Management helped me to think more independently and to plan my future career. The LUMS Careers Team provided lots of information, which broadened my horizons. And the integrated careers course in the first term provided many useful skills for my professional career.

I realised that I need more detailed knowledge of areas such as accounting, which is why I decided to go on to further study. I am currently at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, studying for a Masters in Professional Accounting.