The Lancaster MBA: partnering you on your leadership journey

The Lancaster MBA sets out to turn high-achievers into strategic leaders, with the confidence, skills and practical expertise to work effectively with others and to lead change at all levels, across all industrial sectors, and in every corner of the world.

Our programme is much more than ‘knowledge by textbook’. We believe real learning comes from inside you: from drawing on your own experiences, honing your specific skills, nurturing your professional personality and crystallising your ambitions.

We focus on developing you into a senior strategic leader by integrating your personal journey from three different perspectives:

The Strategic Perspective

Decisions are stronger when they integrate a ‘big picture’ understanding of wider issues, including the pressures on resources and the cultural and competitive challenges. So every element of the Lancaster MBA will challenge you to take a strategic perspective. In other words, to know where the organisation is, where it is going, and how to get it there. 

The Practical Perspective

Learning has more resonance when derived from real situations. So the Lancaster MBA goes way beyond the use of static case studies to give you real assignments and projects with real outcomes. Throughout the programme, you will be challenged with ‘doing’, not just ‘knowing’.

The Relational Perspective

Personal and leadership development accelerates when you engage and reflect on experiences that stretch you. The Lancaster MBA takes you outside your comfort zone to work in diverse teams and experience new contexts. Through systematic and supported reflection on these experiences, you will deepen and refine your personal sense of ‘being’ – perhaps the most fundamental element of leadership.