Executive MBA alumni profiles

Executive MBA graduates explain how they juggled the demands of work and study, and the career opportunities the Lancaster MBA has opened up.



Rachel Roberts

Executive MBA, 2012

Rachel founded her own company after completing her MBA.

Emmanuel Eni Amadi

Executive MBA, 2011

Emmanuel visited China on one of his EMBA electives, which prompted the opening of a new family business.

Alero Abbey

Executive MBA, 2011

Alero used the EMBA to generate new ideas for her work as manager of one of the London Underground's business units.

Ashwin Manikyaraju

Executive MBA, 2010

After completing the Lancaster EMBA, Ashwin was promoted to the role of Project Lead - Software for Maxim Integrated.

Sam McGrath

Executive MBA, 2009

The EMBA was an important step in Sam's transition from a career as an army Major to one in industry. He now works for Royal Bank of Scotland in Singapore.

Richenda Broad

Executive MBA, 2009

Richenda completed her MBA while working in a senior management role for Plymouth City Council.

Mark Dickson

Executive MBA, 2009

Mark wanted to complement his technical background in engineering consulting with broader business skills. He now works for Morgan Professional Services.

Tony Carrigan

Executive MBA, 2009

Tony is an experienced project manager working in nuclear decommissioning.

Michelle Heath

Executive MBA, 2009

Michelle was promoted after completing her EMBA, and is now a Senior Commercial Manager for Springfield Fuels.

Mark Woodgate

Executive MBA, 2008

Mark made a career move during the EMBA, tailoring his coursework to two employers. He is now a Lead Infrastructure Partner for Barclays Bank.

David Glazier

Executive MBA, 2008

David applied skills from the EMBA to a complex strategic planning role for the delivery of the London 2012 Olympics.

Eliot Powell

Executive MBA, 2007

As MD of a firm of insurance brokers, Eliot used the EMBA to prepare himself for taking the business in new strategic directions