Olumide Ogundare

Country of origin: Nigeria

Consultant Physician, NHS

I was at the last stages of my training to become a kidney care consultant and physician in the National Health Service (NHS) when I joined Cohort 26 of the Lancaster Executive MBA.

The NHS faces significant resource use challenges as the country’s economy stutters to recovery. NHS consultants have traditionally been at the leadership of the NHS, and champion good care for patients mainly through a focus on clinical issues. It is increasingly recognised that such a focus, while important to the business of the NHS, is too narrow and on its own would not help the NHS meet its challenges. A more strategic view with a lens focused on clinical care, organisational leadership and structure, and resource use in the NHS, is needed. The MBA is regarded in the wider business arena as the training ground for leadership development and strategic thinking. It therefore seemed appropriate to me to add an MBA to my well-rounded clinical training and by so doing be better equipped to contribute to the ongoing works to position the NHS to meet its challenges. 

The Lancaster MBA programme has the reputation of combining strong academic rigour with “hands-on” components that allow theories to be put into practical experience. It was therefore an easy choice when compared to similar programmes around the North of England. 

The Lancaster MBA programme has delivered abundantly in my expectations of what I would gain from the programme. The Lancaster EMBA has filled me to capacity with transferable skills that I have started deploying as I progress in my NHS consultant career. I am more in tune with myself through the activities during the Mindful Manager module. The leadership elective was the most enjoyable for me and took my understanding of all the issues around leadership to a very high level. 

I met remarkable individuals during the course of the programme, both among the faculty and my fellow students. I must say that the quality of the interaction within my cohort added tremendous value to my experience of the programme. We were lucky to have the full spectrum of personality, from the very serious to the laidback. The strong friendships that I have developed with some of my colleagues will be one of the important “take homes” from the programme, apart from the certificate and the skill sets I've gained. 

I finished my consultant training during the course of the programme and secured my first consultant physician post. I now intend to flourish in my clinical and leadership roles within the NHS using the great insights that I have gained from the MBA programme.