Executive MBA scholarships

The students we attract to the Lancaster EMBA are those who aspire to senior strategic leadership positions. To help applicants towards meeting that ambition, we are offering four types of scholarships for the September 2014 intake.

All scholarships will be merit-based and substantial, ranging from £1,000 to half the programme fees for self-funded candidates.

The Lancaster MBA High Potential Scholarships

The High Potential Scholarships are awarded to applicants who can demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities from their career and personal life to date. To apply for this type of scholarship you will need to include a three-slide PowerPoint presentation as part of your online application. This will then be discussed at interview.

In your presentation you will need to:

  • provide evidence of your exceptional leadership qualities and show what this will mean for your contribution to the Lancaster EMBA
  • describe clearly your strengths and weaknesses, based on the evidence presented above
  • explain how the Lancaster EMBA will help you to grow as a leader

The Lancaster MBA Open Scholarships

The Open Scholarships are awarded to applicants who can demonstrate a specific need for financial aid to help with the costs of the Lancaster EMBA. To apply, you will need to include as part of your online application a two-slide PowerPoint presentation which will then be discussed at interview.

The presentation should cover two points:

  • why you need financial aid
  • how the Lancaster MBA will build on your strengths and add to your skills and knowledge in order to help you achieve your ambitions

The Lancaster MBA Scholarships for Enterprise (SMEs)

The Enterprise Scholarships provide support for applicants from SMEs. The scholarship is merit-based, with each award worth £5,000. To be considered for this award, you will need to include a two-slide PowerPoint presentation as part of your online application. This will then be discussed at interview.

The presentation should address two points:

  • what value will be added to both your business and your own future within the business as a result of studying for an MBA
  • what value you will bring to the programme, making particular reference to your perspective as coming from an SME

The Lancaster MBA Director’s Scholarships

The Director’s Scholarships are designed to support the growing number of students who come to the Lancaster EMBA from further afield (i.e. from outside the North-West region). All self-funding applicants who are offered a place will automatically be considered for a Director’s Scholarship. The award will be allocated based on performance during the interview.

You will be assessed on how well you can do both of the following:

  • demonstrate clearly and specifically how the Lancaster EMBA will contribute to you achieving your career aspirations
  • identify your own unique attributes and show how these will add to the geographic diversity of the programme

Director’s Scholarships will be offered on a rolling basis until all the funds for this award have been allocated. However, to encourage timely applications there will be a closing date for this award of 31 July 2014.

The Lancaster MBA Women's Scholarship Competition

Women are generally under-represented on MBA programmes, as they are in the topmost echelons of senior management. At Lancaster, we believe that encouraging more women to undertake MBAs is an important means of feeding the pipeline of talented women heading for the top. To this end, we have introduced a women’s scholarship competition, which will fund a 50% scholarship to the successful candidate, to be awarded as follows.

Applicants wishing to enter the competition should write a 3,000-word essay on the topic of ‘the challenges faced by modern organisations and the unique contribution women leaders can make in helping to meet them’. The essay can be submitted with your application, or any time before the 31st July 2014. The competition will be judged by a panel of women who already hold senior positions in business, and the winner will be notified within two weeks of the closing date.

Scholarship guidelines

Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Enterprise Scholarship, the Open Scholarship and the High Potential Scholarship, although we will only award one of these Scholarships per applicant. At the discretion of the Lancaster MBA recruitment team, we may award a Director’s Scholarship in addition to another scholarship to an individual applicant.

Scholarship offers will be made at the time of offer of a place and are valid for a period of three weeks. Retrospective scholarship offers are not possible.

The maximum total scholarship any one candidate can receive is half the programme fees.

Further information about funding

Further information about postgraduate funding can be found on the main LUMS page on Masters scholarship and funding.