The final module of the EMBA is the Dissertation, an in-depth individual project over the final seven months of your EMBA.

You undertake a substantial piece of ‘action research’, in which you apply theory to practice by either:

a) tackling a critical issue faced by your organisation or industry. This might involve, for example, developing a new strategic direction for a business or undertaking detailed study of a business area that requires urgent attention, or

b) defining for yourself your principles for leading and managing a team or organisation. This involves reflecting on your experience and on the ideas introduced during the programme to determine what you believe are the most important elements of leadership. Your dissertation will be an exploration of the theory and practice of these principles.

The choice of topic is down to you. It is an ideal opportunity to select the option which will best benefit your career development.

The aim is to enable to you to examine a significant issue in such a way that you come to understand relevant theory better and can recognise, analyse and resolve problems more effectively. Building on work done in the previous modules, it allows you to integrate the learning and ideas from various parts of the programme.

Exploring and evaluating your own learning, and the potential value of the concepts you have used, provides powerful insights into how your own practice can be developed.


Throughout the Dissertation module you are supported by an academic tutor to mentor you as you shape and formulate your research. There is also a high degree of self-directed learning. The final outcome will be a dissertation.