Optimised Learning

The Executive MBA modules will extend your knowledge of business functions, processes and strategies. They will expose you to many new ideas and concepts, and their practical applications, as well as encouraging you to re-examine your own practice and your personal management style.

In order to help you optimise and integrate your learning we streamline the process and activities as much as possible, with a programme design that lets you tackle work issues as part of your assessment for the programme.

Short intensive teaching blocks

In contrast to many part-time programmes which require regular attendance at evenings or weekends, the teaching at Lancaster is packed into short intensive residential modules. Most of these run from Thursday to Saturday every 6-8 weeks.

These intensive three-day blocks of study help you to minimise time out of work. At the same time they provide a focused period in which you can engage with complex ideas and develop a deeper understanding of the various subject areas.

They also help you develop strong working relationships with other cohort and staff members – a process that is started by a carefully designed Mindful Manager programme.

Work-based assignments

The 6-8 week periods in between teaching enable you to try out what you have learned and to give your organisation the benefits of your developing skills. For that reason each module is followed by a practical, work-focused assignment, where you apply and evaluate some of the theories you have just learnt, effectively acting as an internal consultant and generating actionable recommendations for your organisation.

Covering all areas of business operations – from strategy and marketing to operations and finance – this work will engage you with all parts of your own organisation.

For those who do not wish to use their organisation as the basis of their study, we also offer alternative assignment options that do not require primary research in the workplace.

The capability-stretching 'Consultancy Challenge'

To develop your ability to adapt to new environments and rapidly get to grips with new strategic imperatives, we also take you into other organisational contexts, typically very different from your own. You will find more information on the ‘Consultancy Challenge’ in a separate section.