The EMBA community

Strong, supportive working relationships and high levels of interaction between class members are a key part of the Lancaster EMBA. For this reason, we keep class sizes deliberately small: typically between 25 and 35 students in each cohort. However, that class will still be diverse in nature.

Who will you be studying with?

The mix will vary each year, but in each cohort members of the class are experienced practitioners likely to come from:

  • private, public and non-profit organisations
  • small, medium-sized and multinational companies
  • most organisational functions (sales, marketing, accounts/finance, operations, project management, human resources, logistics)

Most EMBA cohorts include some members who live and work overseas, and fly in for the residential modules.

The chart below provides a overview of the 2011-2013 class.


General class profile

What our EMBA students share in common is that they

  • come from senior or middle management
  • typically range in age from 28-45 years old
  • have at least five years of work experience, and often considerably more

Crucially, they also have an enthusiasm for sharing their experience with others.