Full-time MBA Student profiles

Lancaster MBA graduates describe how the Full-time MBA has changed their thinking and helped them in their careers.



Amitesh Podder

Full-time MBA, 2012

Engineer Amitesh switched industries after his MBA and is now working for KPMG.

Husameldin Elnasri

Full-time MBA, 2012

Husameldin, formerly Head of Corporate Affairs for a petroleum company in Sudan, reflects on what he is learning from The Lancaster MBA. He won the AMBA Student of the Year award in 2012.

Karim Boguspayev

Full-time MBA, 2012

Formerly with Novartis before his MBA, Karim now works in business development for Unipharm.

Indranil Bhowmik

Full-time MBA, 2012

Indranil and his wife Sreyasi studied together at LUMS. Here they explain how they coped with the competing demands of study and family life.

Jeff MacKenzie

Full-time MBA, 2012

Jeff is now a management consultant in Toronto.

John Epars

Full-time MBA, 2012

After taking part in the St Gallen Study Abroad programme, John joined Romande Energie as Group Strategic Planner.

Hsiang-Ling Hsu

Full-time MBA, 2012

After graduating, Hsiang-Ling joined Asus in Taiwan as a market analyst.

Dario Maglione

Full-time MBA, 2012

Aerospace engineer Dario started his own import-export business - trading between China, India and Italy - while still on the MBA.

Michelle Farber

Full-time MBA, 2011

After her MBA Michelle set up her own consulting firm in the UK - Farber Strategies Ltd.

Rajasekar Sukumar

Full-time MBA, 2011

Rajasekar reflects on how the MBA prepared him for tough recruitment rounds. He now works in London for Aditi Technologies.

Kunj Sheth

Full-time MBA, 2011

With a background in market research, Kunj is now working as a Pricing Strategy Analyst for Cummins Power Generation in the UK.

Andrew Ponnambalam

Full-time MBA, 2011

Andrew is now CEO of a company in Sri Lanka providing support in the Asian region for leading international apparel brands.