Learning and assessment

As a student on the Lancaster Full-time MBA, what will a week of study typically involve? 

There’s no simple answer to that. The mix of teaching and the various group and individual styles of working means that, though your days will be full, there's unlikely to be any predictable routine.

However, below are some broad indications of what you can expect on the full-time MBA.

Teaching and learning styles

A diverse range of teaching and learning methods are used within the programme. Sessions typically involve group work and interactive discussion to draw out students’ experiences and relate them to the topic at hand. You will study case studies, and some sessions will also involve simulations. Tutors are drawn from across all departments of the Management School and there are visits from a number of guest speakers from business and industry.

Assessment processes

On the Lancaster MBA, assessments are not simply designed to test you; they are designed to develop your skills. With this objective in sight, we do not give preference to one form of assessment over another. Rather, we take multiple approaches so that you are stretched in different ways.

Many parts of the programme involve assessed group-work, including examination of case studies, report-writing, practical tasks, presentations and assignments.  Such team assessments enable you to both learn from your diverse peer group and integrate the understanding and skills you’ll have built from the Mindful Manager and Core Capabilities modules.

In addition to group work, you will complete stimulating individual assessed pieces which prompt you to reflect, encourage you to push your boundaries, and give you experience of managing pressure. Notably, in addition to exams and in-class tests, we will also ask you to complete reports, reflective experiential learning papers, academic essays and even give an inspirational speech. 

Personal study

All courses require pre-reading, preparation and personal research – you should expect to spend a minimum 10% of your time on this throughout the programme.

The University library, with its extensive print-based and online resources, will be a vital element in this process. Data points in all campus rooms allow you to access the library catalogue and many other online databases from on-campus accommodation. You have 24-hour access to the School's MBA suite and there is a wireless network in the School.